Welcome to the Azienda Agricola Battaglini , located on the generous hills of Lake Bolsena , where production has continued for 3 generations of Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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Since 1935 we have been bringing the best extra virgin olive oil from Tuscia to your table; Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from olives selected with the utmost care.

“Olio di Roma I.G.P”

The new extra virgin olive oil, new for 2023

Extra virgin olive oil, the liquid gold of Tuscia

Our oil mill while keeping intact the values ​​of tradition, uses the most modern cold pressing techniques for olive production, thus making it possible to bottle an extra virgin olive oil of the most unique quality; a real “green gold”!

Vigorous and elegant Dolce Vita line

Dolce Vita extra virgin olive oil a product that satisfies all consumer needs, from the most delicate tastes to the more decisive and spicy ones, which stands out for a refined and precious design.


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